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Fish Labs spinoff

Although the project is a bit held back by the COVID19 crisis, that does not mean everything has come to a full stop. We talked earlier about Alan Miranda’s automation switch. Teaming up with Wellinton Camboim, another assistant on the TAF project,  they applied for an incubation scheme at Univali, a University with a campus … Continue reading Fish Labs spinoff

Field visits

On Wednesday we went on field visits to two farms. We felt that it was necessary to visit the farms again, to have a better understanding of the functioning of the farms and ask follow-up questions from the first visit. Furthermore, we now had more people accompanying us, most importantly the research assistants, who got … Continue reading Field visits

Free day: going to Florianópolis!

Today we had planned a training session with Seneye over Skype so the research assistants could learn more about the system and ask questions for the development of the automation switch and derived applications. Unfortunately that got cancelled due to illness of the Seneye representative at the last minute. The second part of the day, … Continue reading Free day: going to Florianópolis!