Returning to the UK: evaluation of the visits

I am flying out today (I am sitting at the airport in Navegantes now) but will pass via Rio de Janeiro and Porto, Portugal (I studied there so I will make the best of a layover). Dr Tahmina will fly later today via São Paulo.

The visit was very useful: we got to see talk to the farmers and other researchers and having the Seneye in action, we have a path forward to roll it out at other farms. We will need a second monitoring system to cross-check the Seneye data. Prof. Joaquim is concerned about the dissolved oxygen and wants to know more on he algorithm that Seneye uses to calculate the level. As it is the most critical parameter is a fish farm’s water, we need to absolutely sure that any monitoring system will measure correctly.

I have also contacted other companies for quotes to have alternative systems available. The Brazilian team will now do an assessment of all systems and decide which to buy to rollout. While we are set on the Seneye, we might still buy an alternative system.

Our next activity is the IEOM conference in Toronto in October, where prof. Ram will give a presentation about the project.


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