Looking back and looking forward

After the third workshop, we can say that important work has been done but a lot needs to be done. We need to finish the software, and the team in Brazil in working hard on it. Furthermore, we are crosschecking the dissolved oxygen data from the Seneye sensor with a manual sensor. This is a very important step because the Seneye does not have a dedicated DO sensor but rather calculates it from other parameters. If we can validate the accuracy of the Seneye, we can move forward in buying new units for testing in private farms. We have alternatives available from other companies but as they are much more expensive, it might be out of reach for artisanal farmers.

We are happy to see two researchers from IFC wanting to create a spinoff company by building automation equipment for aquaculture farms. Alan Miranda has developed a prototype and together with Wellington Camboim, they are now looking to turn it into a business venture. This is an excellent example of impact of research projects and we are happy to support them in their endeavours.


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