Free day: going to Florianópolis!

Today we had planned a training session with Seneye over Skype so the research assistants could learn more about the system and ask questions for the development of the automation switch and derived applications. Unfortunately that got cancelled due to illness of the Seneye representative at the last minute.

The second part of the day, our first farm visit also got cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. As Dr Tahmina had never been to Brazil, she wanted to visit Florianópolis so together with Alan Miranda and Wellington , two research assistants, we drove to Florianópolis, some 120 kilometres to the south of Camboriú. We did not want to be just doing sightseeing so when somebody told us about an incubator centre, we decided to visit that as well.

ACATE is an incubator centre in Florianópolis, helping start-ups in their first stages and larger companies who want to create spinoffs, in the development of their activities. We were hosted by Bruno Bicca who explained us how the organisation worked and we discussed how our project could continue with a spinoff run by the research assistants. We will be keeping in touch with ACATE and hopefully something nice comes out of it.

After the visit, we did a bit of sightseeing in Florianópolis, had a nice dinner (fish, what else?) and drove back home.


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