The team

Our team is based at the University of Bedfordshire and consists of the following people on the UK side.

  • Professor Ram Ramanathan, Professor of Operations Management and Director, BMRI (Business and Management Research Institute)
  • Professor Yanqing Duan, Professor of Information Systems
  • Dr Tahmina Ajmal, Senior Lecturer in Engineering
  • Dr Samuel Van Ransbeeck, Research fellow
  • former collaborator: Professor Feng Dong, professor of computer and information sciences

Our Brazilian partners are based at the Federal Institute for Education, Technology. You can read more about them on the Brazilian website.

The team consists of:

  • professor Joaquim Monteiro Valverde
  • professor Silma Battezzati
  • professor Benito
  • Research assistants: Aryel Jesus, Lucas Borges, Alan Miranda, Wellinton Camboim, Rafael Neukirchen, Gabriel A. Carneiro, Julia C. Rodrigues, Marcelo Machado, Luis Gustavo, Jorje Wagner