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Selecting the technology and visit to Brazil

After a fruitful series of field visits, we have now been looking for several systems. CEFAS's systre is obviously interesting but the cost is quite high, which might cause a problem. We have found manufacturers in China (Dongrun Industry), Spain (Libelium), and in the UK (Seneye). We have also been thinking of building our own … Continue reading Selecting the technology and visit to Brazil


Professor Joaquim’s lecture

Taking a break from traveling around the country, today professor Joaquim gave a lecture at the University of Bedfordshire. The title was Technologies for artisanal fishing (TAF): An experience with IoT for Sustainable Aquaculture in Brazil. Professor Joaquim focused more on management models, rather than on sensor technology. He sketched the situation in Brazil and … Continue reading Professor Joaquim’s lecture

First visit to Brazil: part 2: the workshop

Yesterday was the day of the workshop with local stakeholders. It was a pretty busy day with lots of presentations and interesting discussions. Ram Ramanathan introduced the project, and Yanqing Duan followed with an introduction to Big Data and IoT for fishing by Yan. The former head of EPAGRI's Aquaculture and Fisheries Development Center – … Continue reading First visit to Brazil: part 2: the workshop