Selecting the technology and visit to Brazil

After a fruitful series of field visits, we have now been looking for several systems. CEFAS’s systre is obviously interesting but the cost is quite high, which might cause a problem. We have found manufacturers in China (Dongrun Industry), Spain (Libelium), and in the UK (Seneye). We have also been thinking of building our own system using Arduino or another microcontroller but the available sensors are not suitable for continuous monitoring. Also, dissolved oxygen sensors, which is probably the most useful measurement for aquaculture, are quite expensive with every company.

We have been looking a bit more at Seneye, which creates sensor systems for aquariums but they can be used in aquaculture as well. They are significantly cheaper but come with a few drawbacks, the most important being that dissolved oxygen is not measured directly but by an algorithm using other directly measured parameters. On the other hand, the system is really easy to use and offers an online dashboard. Furthermore, rather than having a fixed membrane, it is switched every month with a disposable slide, making it easier to maintain.

Because we had a bit of a delay in our field visits and subsequent we are a bit delayed in buying and installing systems, we have decided to buy one Seneye system and install it at the pond at the IFC in Camboriú. We will then be able to test if it is robust and get some preliminary data. We still will be looking at other systems though.


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