Visit to Shuttleworth College

For our last visit, yesterday we went to Shuttleworth College in Biggleswade. This is a further education institution offering a large range of course related to agri- and aquaculture. Lewie Cooper, who took over the department three years ago and has been redesigning the course, hosted us. The school is going through show big changes, with a lot of new construction going on, including a new zoological centre, quarantaine units, and environmentally controlled spaces to host non-native species. This new zoological centre will open in September to students and the official opening is planned for March 2020. Students are actively involved in rethinking the course, which has increased the number of students with 20%. During the course, students also construct parts of the campus as part of the education.

Lewie showed us around the zoological centre in construction, followed by the organic garden, and the fish farm. The fish farm is quite small at the moment but best resembles the situation in Brazilian farms. A new pond will be ready by September. The college is looking for lowcost solutions to water monitoring as well and talked about Seneye, a company based at Norwich airport. 

Lewie invited us to come to the official opening in March, where prof. Joaquim might give a lecture where we might be able to present results of our trial runs. We also discussed other collaboration opportunities between the college and the University.

We had planned a lecture but as the year had come to a close, no students were on campus, hence we replaced the lecture with an informal discussion. Professor Joaquim reiterated the challenges in Brazil and what we are looking for. 


This was a really interesting visit and Lewie cooper was really enthousiastic. The Seneye system sounds interesting so we will be checking that out. This is the end of our field visits i the UK. Now we will be looking to purchase a system and start a pilot test in Brazil.

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