Upcoming activities: visit to the UK

We have been a bit silent on our blog but that does not mean that we have not been working. We have been working on our literature review and te paper we will write about the project, but more important was the preparation of the visit from our Brazilian partner to the UK. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we had to postpone our visits and only professor Joaquim Valverde will be able to join us. Nevertheless, we have organised an interesting series of visits that should be quite useful for the next steps. We will be visiting MOWI Scotland, a major salmon producer in Scotland, CEFAS, a marine research institution, and Shuttleworth College, a further education college that has an aquaculture course. We hope to learn more on the use of technology in British fisheries and see how we can implement those technologies in Brazil. Besides the visit, professor Joaquim will also give a lecture at the University. More updates next week!

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