An overview of our upcoming activities

During this project, we will research the challenges artisanal farmers face, see how our technology proposition can help in making their production more sustainable. We have planned the following activities:

  • March 2019: a first workshop in Brazil with local stakeholders, as well as field visits to fish farms in the region. This will help us to better understand which challenges the farmers face in general but also assess how we can help in implementing technology. From this visit we will start to research suitable technology.
  • June-July 2019: visit from our Brazilian partner to the UK. We will be visiting fish farms to see how technology is being used in British fish farms. We will then order and install a pilot system.
  • September 2019: second workshop. We will show the results of our pilot test to the local stakeholders so to show the potential of using the system. We will again visit farms, now armed with the knowledge about the pilot system to install the systems in those farms. In the months after the workshop we will be collecting data
  • March 2020: a third workshop where we evaluate the system over a longer period of time and set out future steps to expand the project.

    During the project, we will be doing a literature review and publish our findings in a journal. In the meantime, this blog will act as a kind of intermediate repository for our activities. We will keep the language accessible, rather than academic.

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